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i'm finally breathing

yesterday was my day off sobriety.
and i took full advantage of it.
it's really odd, but waking up with a hangover this morning was such a relief.
it was like returning to your own bed when you've been out for weeks.
when i awoke this morning (though, awoke might not be the right word..not sure i even slept.)
everything was beautiful and fragile.
i lay until the bodies in the room started becoming animated,
tried to lay very still to not disturb the warmth next to me.
when everyone got up i didn't talk much.
everything was so good that i just wanted to observe and feel.
our bleary-eyed tribe wandered to a coffee shop and sat outside.
i smoked too much, but the weather was nice..demanded it.
and right after i left i got a call that made me smile quite a while after it was over.
my car seemed to feel my mood and was running better than it has in months,
so i pushed my drive home from slc to a steady 100mph. something i havn't been comfortable doing in some time now.
all in all, today all seems right in the world.
great morning, beauty all around, ate a good lunch, now it's time for a short nap before visiting with my parents and my buddy orbert.
maybe try to talk my dad into accompanying me to a third viewing of dawn of the dead.
...because it's just that cool.

here comes the sap:
thank you so much, all you people in my life who inspire me, encourage me, help me out, just hang out, listen to me complain about everything,
the people who play music with me, make my life, take pictures for us, share beds with me, bum me smokes, share art, movies, music, post comments on here, etc..
i think i'm still a hermit at heart, but the people in my life are what keep me going these days.
i need you all and i'm so glad you're all here.

yeah, sappy, but it's true.
and i figure if i say it sober it might actually mean something to someone.

--i don't want you to get drunk, but uh that's a very fine chardonnay you're not drinking.
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