xstillbornx (xstillbornx) wrote,

today is day 8 of 30:
panic attack at work.
day spent trying to calm down enough to be human while getting paid to be a machine.
some well placed words helped me survive.
coffee with a friend.
music with erik. we finished another song. this one almost pushes 7 minutes.
thanks for your company, and thanks to your friend and wife for the cigs. i was going nuts.
..heh...i guess i still am.
the sigma's moving ever closer to rocking again, and harder this time.
a long drive home, a stop at the parents for some much needed sustenence.
still lost in the myriad corners, hiding behind mirrors.
i wish i would get the call i've been wanting to hear all day, but i don't suppose i will.
it's time to paint my dream before embarking on an even longer walk.
maybe i'll just keep going this time.
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