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let the weight of the world drift away instead.

damn you erik!
damn you damn you damn you!
since the first time i heard him, i've taken immense satisfaction in the fact that i can't stand beck.
i figured i means i have pretty good taste in music, because who with taste likes beck?
but man, i finally broke down and burned sea change after months and months of ignoring it in my mp3 folder.
what a really fucking good album. i'm blown away.
it's like old country, gordon lightfoot, toad, and a little bit of the dead.
all, kind of guilty pleasures of mine.
it's the beauty i needed this afternoon to survive it.
sometimes i watch movies with no sound and put on a cd.
start 28 days later to track 8 with the movie sound up a bit...amazing

i suppose this is a coming out, of sorts. heh.
yes folks, i too...like beck.
if you'll excuse me i'm going to go choke myself.

as far as how today goes, well...
fuck me, i'm weak.

--baby i'm a lost cause
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