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on torture:

Before this 'war' in iraq began i had many debates with friends about it.
I was, it seemed, the only one of my tribe to oppose the idea. I didn't think we belonged there, i saw and still see no justification for it.
I posted about some of the arguments a long time ago, but i'm too lazy to go back and reference them.
One of the main points of contention with my belief (and this was repeated like a mantra by everyone around) was that 'saddam tortures and murders his own people'.
Here we are one year after the official 'end' of the war, and fighting is still taking place. Now reports are coming out of american torture of iraqi prisoners.
America has ousted the leader of a country who posed no real threat to us. We've killed more civilians than you'll ever read, and now we're torturing their people.
there have also been reports of death by blunt trauma during interrogation at guantanomo.
It's a good thing for those iraqis we stepped in and saved them from their murderous, torturous leader...so we could take charge and do it in a more efficient manner.
It's here i have to digress, and clarify something:
I don't believe in war. I don't support violence to achive false causes. I fully support open and demorcratic relationships with all other countries, regardless of whether they share the same skin color, religion, or political views as us.
That being said, i'm also of the opinion that war is hell, and war is total. I don't believe in 'rules' in war.
Call me Sherman, but i just don't understand having restrictions on how you can destroy someone or something when it's an all out battle.
If you are my enemy, and trying to kill me, i'm going to use whatever means necessary to outfight you, and if it's a life or death situation, i'm not going to stop to think 'maybe we should take some hostages' or, that being done, 'maybe we should be civil to these people who were just shooting at us'
I can't fathom that.
But as it is, there are rules; strict sets of international laws that dictate how wars must be fought, and how captured soldiers must be treated.
As such, I believe that if we're going to use those laws to go to war with a country (see: weapons of mass destruction...it's too bad we haven't seen them yet), then we need to obey said rules.
On that note, and i've said this many times before, i think that the rationalization of going to war because saddam was 'developing weapons of mass destruction' is bullshit since as americans, we're the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons on other people.
So we keep murdering and keep torturing. Suddenly, now that someone's called us on the abuse of prisoners, the government is acting like it was nothing but a bunch of rogue soldiers occupying the prison.
I find this hard to believe. I've never been in the military, and unless i decide to enlist so i can experience the horror of war, i never will be, but i have a basic understanding of how it works.
These 'rogues' are US and british trained soldiers. They've all been through the training and the mechanization. They all respond to a higher authority.
That's just how it works.
So how is it that a whole group of them, who are still supposedly under our control and jurisdiction, and in contact manage to do something like this?
It's my opinion that now, not only are we illegaly torturing POW's, but we're selling out our own people who most likely were just doing what they'd been programmed and ordered to do.
The whole situation's been making me nauseous for quite some time now.
I can only hope that everyone else will wake up too, and that maybe it's not too late to do something to stop the horror we're inflicting on these people.
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