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see your face to start my day makes all my bad dreams go away

strange how things can sometimes make an abrupt about-face.
and a nosedive can level out
leaving this passenger shaken and confused, but still breathing.
so much can change so quickly.
the head can go from severe depression to a state of calmness
zen-like, in a way.
with the trivial hurts of everyday life,
but a passiveness towards it all.
sometimes someone or something can alter your perspective so much that
it's hard to even think about all the other things.
today's a passable day.
vegas again this weekend with my trusty sidekick seleniumdream, who will be much as a seeing eye dog
is to a blind man when i'm so trashed i can't stand anymore.
we have a free room at the venetian.
vegan gelato and hookah lounge here i come.
i know a few people who are going down there at the same time as well..hopefully some of them call me.
and while i'm gone i find myself already thinking how i'll miss seeing those big eyes looking up at me, and hearing her gleeful voice,
which always brings me a smile. feeling the warmth as i try to fall asleep...
next sunday is dark arts...
possibly our last show with the eriik on lower sonic registers.
a sad thing, but what might actually turn out to be a good change to set things in true motion.
i'm blabbering.
no good at writing non-depressing shit.
so i'm done for now.

--these are my words
--that i've never said before
--i think i'm doing okay
--and this is the smile
--that i've never shown before
--somebody shake me 'cause i...i must be sleeping
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