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with regards, The Management

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We regret to inform you that after two years of the most (velied) personal confessions, pleas for help, poetic agony,
and random announcements, xstillbornx industries has finally gone artistically, and emotionally bankrupt.
This journal will be a ghost town,
a relic,
until i finally buckle down and back all of it up; at which time, it will completely vanish.
effectively rendering a big part of the last two years nonexistant.
Kind of weird to think of the creature that this LJ must be. The form it took and space it holds.
Once it's gone will it have ever happened?
I've talked with quite a few of you, become good friends with some of you, fuck, i've even had sex and love with a few of you (sorry erik, our secret's out :) ).
Lame as it is, and as much as i resisted for so long, this thing's really become an extension of me.
One of the only places anyone can look and see, for the most part, what i'm really thinking and going through.
It kind of makes me sad to let it go.
..but not really.

There's too much drama here, too many people i know that i'm not sure i want reading this much of me, and too many that i do that can't because lately
i have to protect any entry i make due to content.

Thanks for being here with me vicariously. Some of the comments i've gotten mean the world to me.
I'll miss some of you.

--could it be that i'm only being me?
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