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band practice last night.
things were a bit rough at first because we haven't played in a few months
but god damn....
i haven't felt that good in forever.
we all had alot of pent up things to release, and i think we all did.
erik's convinced we're not 'tight enough' but screw him. heh (j/k man)
we got to rock a bit of the new stuff, and finally heard it amplified with our massive speakers as opposed to small headphones.
i have to say, and call me egotistical if you want, but you won't hear me pimping my own shit often,
i think that once we have it all put together with the whole band and vocals it's going to be amazing, mindblowing.
heavy, different, riffy in parts, stonerish, melodic breaks, slowdowns and speedups.
i'm proud of erik and i.
together, and with future input from the band we may have just made rock history.
..or something.

fuck, what an amazing feeling.
now if we can just figure out how to get paid to do that all day every day...
life might actually have some meaning.
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